A day prior to the wedding day, the haldi powder pounded earlier on the muhurat day is made into a paste. The bride/groom is made to sit on a pat (wooden board) and aarti (औक्षण) is done first. Then a Suhasini takes one mango leaf in each hand, dips the leaf in haldi paste and applies it to the groom/bride’s body – starting from the feet, then on knees, shoulders, and forehead. Five Suhasini's repeat the act. Often Ushti Halad (leftover haldi paste after applying to the groom) is taken to the bride’s side and applied to the bride. The bride/groom are given a nice massage of haldi paste. The aspiring couple is not supposed to move out of home after this.

After the bath, the Maternal Aunt (Mami) of the bride puts on Green Bangles (हिरवा चुडा) to the bride’s hands. Usually, nine bangles are worn on the right hand and seven on the left. Oti Bharane of the Mami is done by the bride’s mother.